I love Amazon.com

I ordered some books last week and they are due to be delivered tomorrow.  I love Amazon.com.  I love tracking the shipment and seeing where the packages are.  I even love the brown boxes with the Amazon.com logo.

I will be blogging about the books as I read them.  A list and brief description below.

1.  Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas.  This is the first major biography written of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in over 30 years.  Metaxas, who wrote the biography of William Wilberforce which served as the basis of the movie “Amazing Grace” has served up a 500 page mind-chew.

2.  The Orthodox Way by Bishop Timothy Ware.  I read “The Orthodox Church” last year by the same author.  I, probably like most American Evangelical Christians, am shockingly ignorant of the history, teachings and practices of the church that is home to over 300 million Christians worldwide and has a history that reaches directly to the Patristic era.  I began remedying my ignorance last year and continue that journey.  The first book focused on the history and theology of Orthodoxy.  This volume focuses on the devotional life of Orthodoxy.

3.  Defending Constantine by Peter J. Leithart.  One of the most influential books in the Evangelical world in the last 40 years is “The Politics of Jesus” by John Howard Yoder.  Yoder presented a radical critique of much of the thinking of Western Christianity regarding the church’s relationship with politics, government and war.  Yoder’s theological successor, Stanley Hauerwas, remains one of the most influential theologians in Christendom.  Leithart takes on this duo and the entire “fall” view of church history (I will write more on this at a future date) in his book by taking a fresh look at one of the most controversial figures in the history of Christianity and indeed all of Western civilization, the emperor Constantine.

4.  Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits, and More (Culture of Enterprise) by John C. Medaille.  Distributism is a take on economics that seeks a third way between capitalism and socialism.  It has never really caught on but I find it interesting.  Medaille, an Irving businessman and professor at the University of Dallas has written a fresh presentation and defense of this view of the economy.  This is the book that I know the least about coming in and as a result am perhaps the most curious to read.

Once I decide what book to read first, I will start blogging my through them.


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