Maybe it is just because I have young children.  Maybe I am just getting older.  But I find that I love stories now more than ever.  I have less of an appetite to argue than when I was younger (those who knew me back then could probably testify that I did have a pretty good appetite for argument).  Sloppy thinking and poor arguments do still bug me.  But I am less inclined to fire back than before.

But I love stories.  I love the stories of peoples’ lives.  I love hearing about what makes them tick.  I have been reading Beatrix Potter stories to my boys and I think I enjoy them more than they do.  We are reading “Little House in the Big Woods” as well and I want to read ahead even though I already know what happens next.  I got sucked into the Biography channel’s story of the Bee Gees last night.  I am not even a particular fan of their music (although they were undeniably an amazing talent).  But the story sucked me in nonetheless.

Why does story have such attraction for me?  I think  it is because stories are much closer to the way real life unfolds.  Our lives aren’t a series of facts and arguments.  They aren’t even the sum of the events that take place.  Our lives tell a story.  The events that make up our lives aren’t the story.  The story includes the events but it also includes how we interpret those events.  It includes what we believe about those events.  One of my core beliefs is that our story is also about God’s activity in our lives.  If you don’t believe God is active in your life then you will certainly look at your life a different way.

What are your favorite stories?  What do they tell you about yourself and the world around you?  What do they tell you about God?  I would love to hear them.



  1. Learning through stories is in our history and our DNA. We were taught through stories before the written word. Stories are how The Man-God taught His followers. (Stories have also become even more special to me as I have grown in my walk, and in my life…Right there with ya brother) Do me a favor, and check out my blog sometime…would love the feedback (

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